WCO Technology Conference & Exhibition 2022

The WCO Technology Conference & Exhibition 2022 is currently was held on the 18th to 20th October 2022 in Maastricht, Netherlands. The conference was held under the theme “Driving Customs performance with data and technology in the changing landscape of global trade”, and is hosted by the Dutch Customs. Mrs. Nanette Van Schelven, the Director General of Dutch Customs and Dr. Aukje de Vries, Dutch Secretary of State and Minister responsible for Tax and Customs delivered their opening remarks.
Dr. Aukje de Vries, highlighted the smart methods used by Dutch Customs, calling for smarter technology in management of trade without compromising on socio-economical safety from illicit trade. She pointed to the increasing role of cooperation and exchange of information to buttress role of Customs.
Director General Nanette van Schelven, emphasized the importance of promoting trade facilitation whilst conforming to enforcement measures by leveraging on new technology and data management. She also called for continued cooperation between Customs and Business.
Dr.Kunio Mikuriya the Secretary General of the World Customs Organization, officially opened the conference. He expressed his appreciation to Dutch Customs for hosting the conference, welcomed all delegates to the Netherlands and noted the continuous efforts by Customs Administrations to return to normalcy following the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Mikuriya pointed out that Technology is an enabler of legitimate trade and further highlighted the importance of Customs embracing technology in modernizing there processes and procedures.He further highlighted the WCO Data Strategy and stressed the importance of Data analytics in securing and facilitating trade. He urged delegates to use the conference as an opportunity for both Customs and the private sector to network and promote the Customs to business partnerships.