WCO Project Management Training

MOMBASA, KENYA. The WCO Project Management workshop of the ESA region was held on 3rd – 11th December, hosted by the WCO RTC Kenya. The workshop aims to equip the ROCB and RTCs with Project Management skills and is attended by the Heads and representatives of the 4 ESA RTCs – Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa and Zimbabwe, and the ROCB staff, with representatives from Botswana and Uganda. The workshop was opened by the Kenya’s Coastal Regional Coordinator, with opening remarks from the ROCB Director, WCO, and the Ag. Principal of the RTC Kenya representing the Head, RTC Kenya. The Workshop aims to enhance the capacities in modern techniques and best practices that apply to specific areas of Customs Project Management. As regional entities are involved in the design, coordination and delivery of regional capacity building programmes, the competencies acquired would enable them to effectively implement, and successfully monitor and evaluate the delivery of the newly approved ESA Regional Strategy 2018–2021. The workshop is sponsored by the WCO ESA Project II and taking place from 3rd to 11 December 2018 at the RTC in Mombasa.