Regional Steering Group

  1. Mandate

 The RSG was established in June 2004 to act as a dynamic steering group to the WCO-ESA Governing Council (GC) Governing Council. It is a focused group of senior officials responsible for policy development and strategic direction from the customs administrations in the WCO-ESA region.


  1. Membership

Membership of the RSG is open to senior officials from the Members in the region, nominated by the respective Heads of Customs Administrations for their expertise, competence and ability to articulate the interests of the region and its membership. The Director of the ROCB is an ex officio member of the RSG.


  1. Purpose and Scope

As a dynamic steering group to the Governing Council, the powers conferred upon the RSG by the Governing Council are delegated to the RSG insofar as they are necessary for the execution of its functions. All recommendations of the RSG shall be made to the Governing Council.

The RSG shall concern itself with broad policy questions relevant to the activities of WCO-ESA Member customs administrations. The Group shall initiate studies on customs policies, practices, and procedures with the objective of assisting the Governing Council achieve the broad aim of enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of Members in revenue collection, facilitation of international trade, safeguarding national security, protecting society and the environment, and compiling international trade statistics.