Ms. Virginie Bohl


Ms Virginie BOHL is a senior international expert in devising and implementing strategies to optimize the cross-border movement of humanitarian relief aid. She worked for Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs of the United Nations for 20 years and has experience in coordination, preparedness, response, information management and capacity building support. Currently, she is the coordinator of the inter-agency IMPACCT Working group that she created in 2017. This group represents a network of strategic partners, such as the World Customs Organization, UNCTAD, ITU, IFRC, MSF, Save the Children, IHC in Dubai, World Bank, Help Logistics and OCHA. The mission of IMPACCT aims for countries and humanitarian organizations to be comprehensively prepared to effectively manage customs clearance and importation processes for disaster and crisis relief goods and equipment. To achieve its mission, partners come together to develop collective and coordinated approaches and tools to support national coordination mechanisms related to customs and importation processes for disaster relief goods and equipment.