Mr Batsirai D. Chadzingwa

Name: Mr Batsirai D. Chadzingwa

Position: Commissioner Customs and Excise, ZIMRA

Mr Batsirai D. Chadzingwa was appointed Commissioner Customs and Excise with effect on 1st April, 2022.

Mr B D Chadzingwa, who is a holder of a Master’s In Business Administration from the National University of Science and Technology (NUST), is a seasoned Customs and Excise expert who joined the Department of Customs and Excise in March 1989 as a cadet and rose through the ranks to senior examining officer. From 1994 to 2001 he worked as a Customs and Excise Investigations Officer. During his stint with the then Department of Customs and Excise he received training in Drugs Identification and Intelligence course from the UK, Mersey side Police. He was one of the first Customs Investigators to work as Regional Intelligence Liaison Officers (RILO) for RILO Eastern and Southern Africa (RILO ESA).

At the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority’s ZIMRA’s inception in 2001, he was appointed Investigations Coordinator and subsequently served the Authority in various roles as Regional Controller Investigations, Regional Controller for Midlands and Masvingo ZIMRA offices, Head of Audits for the Bulawayo Region, Head of Ports for Region two (2) Customs offices, Regional Manager Customs and Excise for Region one (1) and he also managed Beitbridge Border Post, which is one of the busiest border post in Southern Africa.

Before his appointment, Mr Chadzingwa was seconded to the One Stop Investment Service Centre, under Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC). He also served as Case Manager in the Revenue Assurance Division of ZIMRA. After a reorganization of ZIMRA structure, he was tasked to serve as Head of Excise Management.

Mr Chadzingwa has also been the Programme Manager for ZIMRA’s culture change management process, which is a key transformative and strategic exercise currently underway within the Authority.

Guiding Values on Leadership:

“No matter how smart you are, if you don’t know how to work with people, your dreams will just be dreams”