Mr. Abel Kagumire

Mr. Abel Kagumire is the Commissioner of Customs at Uganda Revenue Authority (URA). He has served URA for the past 19 years. Abel is an accredited leader who completed the World Customs Organization (WCO) Leadership and Management Development Program (LMD). He is also a fellow of the Common Wealth Tax Administration Senior Leadership, and an accredited Trustee of the Johannesburg School of Finance.  He is also a WCO accredited valuation expert and a JICA/EAC Master Trainer.

He is an astute leader with a clear focus on guiding people towards a common vision by creating a conducive environment for them. He believes in transforming people through mentoring and coaching, leads by example and maintains an open door policy at the workplace.

Over the course of his work exposures, he attained various accomplishments as highlighted below;

  • 1998, worked with the Ministry of Defense as a pay Cadre for two years where he streamlined and computerized the pay system of the UPDF.
  • 2000, worked with the Special Revenue Protection Services (SRPS), where he established the Fraud Audit team at SRPS headquarters.
  • 2002, joined URA, as a PIAT officer and has served as a Verification officer, a CBC valuation officer, in-charge Control desk, in-charge Compliance CBC, in-charge Bus terminal, Supervisor Customs Malaba station, Manager Customs for the Northern region and Manager Customs Enforcement Operations.
  • Has participated in Time Release Studies (TRS) in 2005, 2008, 2010 and led the team that conducted the 2019 study.
  • 2018, appointed the Assistant Commissioner Customs Audit (ACCA) until 1st April 2020 when he took over as Acting Commissioner Customs.
  • On 1 September 2020 he was appointed the Commissioner Customs Uganda Revenue Authority