Customs Digitalization Forum

The WCO ESA Regional Office for Capacity Building, in conjunction with the African Union Commission (AUC) and GIZ have organized a High-level Forum: Accelerating Digitalization in Customs to boost Intra-African Trade.

Theme: โ€œLeveraging on ICT to boost Intra-African tradeโ€

The Customs Digitization Forum is scheduled to take place on the 3rd & 4th of November 2022, and will be hosted by the Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) in Kigali, Rwanda. The conference will focus on enhancing Customs performance and increasing efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of Customsโ€™ mandate as well as boosting Intra-African trade through the use of Information Technology.



The ESA Regional Strategy (2022-2025) recognizes the critical role played by Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for reform and modernization of the region and in particular, Customs administrations. Key components towards its successful implementation are digitization and data management. As Africa continues recovering in light of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the place of information technology cannot be better underscored at this time. More administrations have increased their investment in ICT over the last two years, through progressive change management, integrating new and latest technologies and plans in delivering their mandate.

Meanwhile, the region continues to build institutional capacity and the body of knowledge in Customs through research, knowledge and information sharing as well as sharing and benchmarking on best practices.


DAY 1 : Thursday, 3rd November 2022

09:00-09:30amOpening Remarks

1. WCO ESA ROCB Director – Mr. Larry Liza

2. AUC – Mr. Dhunraj Kassee

3. Deputy Head of Development Cooperation at the German Embassy in Rwanda โ€“ Mr. Clemens Siddhartha Hรคusler

4. WCO ESA Vice Chair –  Mr. Batsirai Chadzingwa

5. Deputy Commissioner General, Rwanda – Mr. Kaliningondo Jean-Louis
Mr. Larry Liza

Mr. Dhunraj Kassee

Mr. Clemens Siddhartha Hรคusler

Mr. Batsirai

Mrs. Paula Ingabire

 Photo Session
09:30-10:00amRwandas’s Digital Transformation

Digital developments in Rwanda Revenue Authority
Mrs. Ingabire Kalisa Louise, Commissioner for Technology and Digital Transformation, RRA.
Mrs. Ingabire Kalisa Louise

10:00-10:30amTrends in Customs digitalization at the global and regional level

i. Lessons from the WCO Technology Conference & Exhibition 2022 โ€“
Mr. Badr Mouhcine, World Customs Organization
ii. Accelerating digital reforms and modernization in ESA, challenges and opportunities – Batsirai Chadzingwa, ESA Regional Vice Chair and Commissioner of Customs, Zimbabwe.
Mr. Badr Mouhcine

Mr. Batsirai Chadzingwa
10:30-11:00amGroup Photo & Tea Break 
11:00-11:20am Implementing ePayment solutions and the AfCFTA
 Mr. Willie Shumba, AfCFTA Secretariat
 Mr. Willie Shumba
10:20-10:40amTechnology to serve MSMEs and Women in Customs
Mathabo Mokoko, Commissioner Client Services, Lesotho.
Mrs. Mathabo Mokoko
10:40-12:00pmE-commerce: Wrestling revenue leakage and illicit goods flows
Lilian Nyawanda, Commissioner, Customs and Border Control, Kenya.
Ms. Lilian Nyawanda
12:00-12:20pmIntelligence Driven Risk Management
Mr. Naden Vencatachellum, Customs Management Systems, Mauritius
Mr. Naden Vencatachellum
 12:20-13:00pmQ&A session 
Panel Discussion – Potential digital solutions for trade procedures automation and pre-arrival processing for express, postal and maritime shipments.
14:00 – 15:00 pmThis session will explore and share experiences on Potential digital solutions for trade procedures automation and pre-arrival processing for express, postal and maritime shipments.
Mr. Mwumvaneza Felicien โ€“Commissioner for Customs, Rwanda

Mrs. Maja Rackovic, Head of Customs Office Airport PG & Mrs. Milanka Strunjas, Head of Section – Montenegro Revenue and Customs Administration

Mr. Soboua Jose Patrick YAPI, Head of office for IT projects and development –  Directorate General of Ivorian Customs

Mr. Charles Basomba โ€“ Manager Customs Business Analysis, Uganda

Ms. Jane Musyoki โ€“ Trade Information Portal, KENTRADE
Moderator: Rasulov Khushnidjon, Responsible for the implementation in Rwanda, Programme Support to the AfCFTA & Alliances for Trade Facilitation, GIZ Rwanda
Mr. Mwumvaneza Felicien

Mrs. Maja Rackovic

Mrs. Milanka Strunjas

Mr. Soboua Jose Patrick

Mr. Charles Basomba

Ms. Jane Musyoki

Mr. Rasulov Khushnidjon
15:00-15:30pmAccelerating a Nationโ€™s digital transformation โ€“
Hon. Paula Ingabire, Minister of Information and communications technology, Rwanda.
15:30-16:00pmCoffee break
Panel Discussion – Public-Private Partnerships in Trade Facilitation
16:00-16:40pmThis session will explore and share experiences on Public-Private Partnerships in Trade Facilitation.

Ms. Louise Wiggett –  CEO, Global Trade Solution

Mr. Desiderio Fernandes –  President of the Federation of Clearing and Forwarding Associations of Southern Africa (FCFASA) and WCO ESA RPSCG Representative

Mr. Daniel Alloush – Director, Trade and Customs, Publican by Ultra
Moderator: Louise Wiggett, CEO, Global Trade Solutions
Ms. Louise Wiggett

Mr. Desiderio Fernandes

Mr. Daniel Alloush

16:45 – 17:00pmQ&A session

DAY 2 : Friday, 4th November 2022

Panel Discussion:   Digitalization in Rules of Origin (Electronic Certificates of Origin)
9:10-10:00amThis session will explore and share experiences on digitalization in Rules of Origin (Electronic Certificates of Origin.

Mr. Alaman Armel Kone – Head of engineering department, Cote dโ€™Ivoire GUCE CI

Mr. Nebart Mwapwele – Executive Director, Tanzania Chamber of Commerce

Ms. Mette Azzam – Lead Origin Expert, EU-WCO Rules of Origin Programme

Mr. Alexandre Alberto –   Programme Officer Capacity Building Customs, SADC

Mr. Lukhele Gift – Automated Systems Expert, COMESA

 Moderator:  Badr Mouhcine, Head of Programmes, EU-WCO HS and RoO Africa
Mr. Alaman Armel Kone

Mr. Nebart Mwapwele

Ms. Mette Azzam

Mr. Alexandre Alberto

Mr. Lukhele Gift

Mr. Badr Mouhcine
 Panel Discussion: Transit Tracking Solutions 
10:00-10:50amThis session will explore and share experiences on Transit Tracking Solutions.

Mr. Abel Kagumire โ€“ Commissioner of Customs, Uganda

Mr. Kenneth Mbobua, Chief Manager, Business Transformation Office, Kenya

Mr. Sessanga Jonathan – Principal Customs Officer, Information Technology, EAC
ย  Moderator: Dr. Emmah Omwenga, ย Deputy Commissioner, RTC Kenya
Mr. Abel Kagumire

Mr. Kenneth Mbobua

Mr. Sessanga Jonathan

Dr. Emmah Omwenga
10:50-11:10amTea Break
Panel Discussion: Enhancing Coordinated Border Management through digitalization and Single Window implementation
 11:10-12:00pmThis session will explore and share experiences on enhancing Coordinated Border Management through digitalization and Single Window.

Mr. Alaman Armel KONE, Head of engineering department, Cote dโ€™Ivoire GUCE CI

Mr. Smile Agbemenu – Principal Revenue Officer, Customs Division, Ghana Revenue Authority

Mr. Billy Ngumi, Manager – Trade Facilitation and Value Add Services, Kenya Trade Network Agency (KENTRADE)

Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration Rwanda

 Moderator:   Brenda Nyambura, GIZ Kenya
Mr. Alaman Armel

Mr. Smile Agbemenu

Mr. Billy Ngumi

Ms. Brenda Nyambura
12:00-12:30pmSummary Outcomes of Conference and Policy Recommendations โ€“ Dhunraj Kassee, AUCMr. Dhunraj Kassee
12:30 -13:00pmClosing Remarks
 13:00 -14:00pmLunch
 14:00 -17:00pmSite visit