Finance & Governance Committee

  1. Mandate

 The role of the Regional Finance and Governance Committee is to ensure good governance practices are observed in conducting activities in the region. The FGC serves as an advisory body to the Governing Council and is expected to proactively provide advice and recommendations on any governance related issues.


  1. Membership

The FGC members comprise four Heads of Customs from member administration. All members of the Governance Committee are appointed by the Governing Council.

The membership can include any active member of the Region excluding the Regional Vice Chair and the Deputy Vice Chair.


  1. Key responsibilities

 The key functions of the Governance Committee shall be as follows:

3.1.     To examine the audit report and make recommendations to the Governing Council accordingly.

3.2.    To examine governance related matters referred to it by the Governing Council and the Regional Vice Chair and make recommendations accordingly.

3.3.    To proactively raise any governance issues requiring urgent attention to the Vice Chair for appropriate action.