35th Regional Steering Group meeting.

The RSG is taking place in Mauritius (9th – 11th May 2022). The meeting was opened by Mr. Vivekanand Ramburun, Director of Customs for Mauritius Revenue Authority. Remarks were made by Mr. Adrian P. Swarres, Vice Chair’s representative (Zimbabwe) and Chairperson of the RSG meeting; Mr. Larry Liza, the WCO ESA ROCB Director and Mr. Oluimo Da Silva, WCO ESA Regional Development Manager.
Discussions in the meeting are centering on the ROCB Annual Report, new regional strategy, gender equity, equality and diversity and risk management. It will also consider the RILO Annual Report and the RTCs report, as well as those from the WCO, WCO ESA Project II, African Union Commission and the Regional Economic Communities (present being COMESA & SADC).
This is the second of three back-to-back regional meetings taking place in the island nation before the Governing Council schedule for 12 & 13 May 2022.